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Agadir is one of the most known seaside destinations in Morocco, and rightfully so. The city has many activities for visitors coming to escape the colder regions. One such activity is surfing in Agadir, which is ideal, regardless of your expertise level.If you have skills in surfing- or the will to learn, you can find yourself in one of the surfing spots. The sand and waves will make you forget all your worries as you ride out the breaks. We have brought the ultimate guide with all you need about surfing in Agadir.

Best Surfing Spots in Agadir 

Agadir is famous enough, but you would have also heard of Taghazout. Taghazout is perhaps the surfing capital of Morocco due to the breaks it offers. However, there are many other surfing spots apart from Taghazout. The ones mentioned below are either in Agadir city or small towns and villages nearby. We have arranged them in ascending order of difficulty so you will find beginner levels at the start. So, here are some of the best surfing spots you can find in and near Agadir.

1. Cherry

Cherry is one of the most popular surfing spots in Agadir among beginners. You can go south towards Inezgane to reach it, but it is a worthwhile drive considering the breaks it offers. Its waves are relatively gentle- so newer learners can understand the techniques better. But it gets a bit crowded- so you must expect to see a fair crowd while you're there.

2. Killer’s Beach

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While the name might make you think it is a tough spot, Killer's Beach is perfect for beginners. Its breaks are longer lasting but not too high to accommodate newer learners. However, it is always bustling with a busy crowd- so if you wish to surf alone, it might not be ideal.

3. Cathedrals

Located close to Imsouane, the Cathedrals surfing spot is the perfect intermediate-level surfing location. It is recommended for the newer learner as it is less rocky than other beaches. Due to its large size and consistency of breaks, it is spacious even though it stays crowded most of the time.

4. Tamri

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Tamri is one of the lesser-known spots placed close to Imsouane. It is relatively gentler than most other spots with left and right breaks. But its best quality is that it offers consistent breaks that aren't influenced much by time. But it is best for beginner to intermediate-level surfers as it is not as challenging as possible.

5. The Bay

The Bay is one of the most known locations for surfing near Agadir, placed by Imsouane. It is known as it offers breaks suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts alike. The breaks are usually pretty consistent- but they get slightly intense during the winter. It has been one of the best spots for surfing for a long time and will continue to garner public attention.

6. Tamraght

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Tamraght is one of the biggest competitions to the famous Moroccan surfing spot, Taghazout. Unlike Taghazout, it offers similar breaks for all levels but is much quieter. And, due to the rapid interest and development, Taghazout is now more of a surfing city. However, you can find more peaceful locations to practice in Tamraght.

7. Anza

Anza is a spot full of exciting surfing spots across the beach. It has some rocky spots and standard beach spots to cater to beginner and intermediate-level surfers. However, you might find a majority of right breaks in Anza. It is one of the best surfing locations for surf diversity in Agadir.

8. KM12

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KM12 is another intermediate-level surf spot close to Awrir, a small village in Agadir. But KM12 is only worth surfing at during the high tides as it is too quiet at other times. You might see bigger breaks in both directions in winter; otherwise, even beginners can practice their skills here.

9. Cro Cro

Placed close to Tamraght, the Cro Cro spot is perfect for people of all levels. However, it offers some of the best left and right breaks. Since it suits most levels, we have placed it in the middle of the list. However, it is pretty popular- so you must know that it may get crowded during the surfing season.

10. Magic Bay

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Another hotspot in Imsouane, Magic Bay offers some of the most exciting breaks. Since it has all types of breaks, it garners the attention of surfers from all levels. The best part about Magic Bay is its exceptionally long waves that offer an enjoyable ride. But it is known among locals and tourists, so you will find fellow surfers always practicing there.

11. Unicorns

Another spot with challenging breaks, Unicorns is one of the underrated advanced surf spots in Agadir. It offers long and tricky breaks for advanced-level surfers to enjoy. The experience here remains thrilling, even for the most seasoned surfers. Moreover, it stays less populated even during the high time.

12. Desert Point

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Desert Point is one of the highest difficult locations for surfing in Agadir. The breaks are fast and long, so you need skill to surf here. Hence, people often suggest Desert Point to advanced-level surfers. Plus, this beach is relatively unknown- so not many people are at the spot at most times.

Best Time for Surfing In Agadir

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Agadir is a city in an African country, so the overall climate patterns are unique. So, while you may think that visiting in the summer brings good breaks, it is inaccurate. Perhaps, the best time to visit Agadir for surfing and generally in winter is from October to March.
The breaks are still manageable in the summer months, but the wind is far too strong to have an enjoyable time. So even the best of breaks cannot hold well. But in a different view, it is ideal for beginners as the breaks are not as intense.
So, if you have just gotten into surfing and want to learn the ropes, you could visit in the summertime. But if you have experience and skills already, you might want to wait till October or November. The highest temperature stays within 70-82° F, and the lowest goes down to 59-.


  • Instead of sticking by the city center, visit the surfing spots near Agadir. Since Agadir is a famous tourist spot, the beaches are often crowded and unsuitable for a relaxing surf. You will get a much better experience if you visit one of the dedicated surfing spots with surfers instead.
  • Visit during the winter months to get the best quality breaks. While summer months are perfect weather-wise, the winds make it too tough to ride breaks. So, you can visit in the winter when the weather is relatively better. You can opt for a wetsuit to protect you from slightly colder winds and waters, and you're good to go.
  • Carrying a board or buying it in Agadir is not practical due to the discomfort and costs. Instead, you can search for nearby rental shops that offer such equipment. Since the city is a hotspot for surfers, you can find such stores all around. You can get a board and other items at a fair price and use them for as long as you need.
Surfing in Morocco is much more rewarding than you think. Since the country is not known for its surfing activities, they become even more exciting. And no matter your expertise level, you can enjoy surfing here.

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