7 Reasons to Experience Southeast Asian Monsoons

Southeast Asia is a kaleidoscope of nations that spans around eleven countries and numerous islands. It lures travellers with its twisted history and sheer magnificence. The intoxicating land draws visitors all the year-round. But have you ever wondered how it is to be like travelling to Southeast Asia during the monsoons? If yes, we are here to tell you why you should plan a trip to this dream destination to experience southeast Asian monsoons:

1. Rainfall Comes in Short Spells

Monsoon in Southeast Asia is a mixed blessing because rainfall is predictable. The monsoons start from the month of May and last till October but it doesn’t rain all day. Mostly it happens in the mid or late afternoon and the rest of the day is warm and pleasant. All thanks to the tropical climate. As there are short downpours, it gets easy for you to plan accordingly. Hence, you do not have to feel depressed sitting in the hotel room all day long.

Short Spells, Reasons To Visit SE Asia During The Monsoons

2. Slow Down And Relax

Southeast Asia has a warm climate. However, when the rainy season arrives, the weather cools down and brings relief to tourists and locals alike. It is the ideal time to relax and spend some lazy days. Slow down and take it easy. Spend a cosy afternoon admiring the impeccable view outside with a hot cup of coffee. You will find that the heavy downpour and the smell of the earth soothe the mind as well as the soul.

Slow down and relax, Reasons To Visit SE Asia During The Monsoons

3. Less Crowded

The influx of tourists is comparatively lesser in the monsoons. That means there is less hassle and due to lower crowds, you can spend more time savouring the exquisite attractions. Interestingly, you get immense photographic opportunities. Somehow you also feel more connected to the local culture and become a part of life rather than just a tourist. No wonder, Southeast Asia is worth a visit during the offseason.

Less Crowd, Reasons To Visit SE Asia During The Monsoons

4. A Medley Of Dramatic Sights

Serene beauty is the norm during this season and greets visitors with endless visual treats. It is the perfect time to unwind and absorb the picturesque landscapes around. Embrace the verdant greenery of the dense forests and paddy fields. Soak up the myriad hues of the sunrises and sunsets and immerse in the raw beauty of the rainbows that appear after thunderstorms. In case you haven’t witnessed a tropical storm, it is a spectacle beyond imagination. The lightning bolts piercing the sky is a sight to behold.

Dramatic Sights, Reasons To Visit SE Asia During The Monsoons

5. The Trip Will Turn Out A Lot Cheaper

A trip to Southeast Asia during monsoons is the best way to get more from your travels. As there are fewer tourists, you get good rates and better deals across the region. If you are a backpacker, you can stretch the buck a lot further. The biggest wins are the airfares and tour operators and along with that you also get lower accommodation prices. There is no need to book in advance as hotels and guesthouses will be rarely full. And if you are unable to get a room in your chosen hotel, there are plenty of affordable options available.

Affordable Rates, Reasons To Visit SE Asia During The Monsoons

6. Small Or More Private Group Tours

Small group tours mean more flexibility to immerse in wonderful local excursions. In addition, you also get more one-on-one time to interact with your tour leader and get to know more about this dream destination. There are authentic encounters as it gets easier to manage smaller groups for local visits and dining experience.

Small Groups, Reasons To Visit SE Asia During The Monsoons
Laos10.jpg" target="_self" rel="nofollow" data-mce-href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Muang_Sing,_Laos10.jpg">Source

7. Less Dusty And Wholesome

Not only the landscapes are bursting with greenery but also it is less dusty. The rainfall washes away the dust that improves the air quality and makes the environment lively. In addition, the fruits and vegetables are ripe and you can easily grab some in a local restaurant or a street stall. Thus, travelling to Southeast Asia in the monsoon season is bliss.

Less Dusty, Reasons To Visit SE Asia During The Monsoons

If you are ready for the unexpected surprises, don’t let the rain stop you. Because why not!

Some Essential Tips
  1. The effect of monsoon is generally more in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos rather than the countries that are located near the equator
  2. You will get waterproof jackets and umbrellas in every nook and corner so no need to pack these
  3. Do not forget to carry a mosquito repellent especially during the monsoon
  4. Pack light and wear breathable clothes to keep you cool

This post was published by Atreyee Dutta

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