Watch: Indian Armed Force Soldiers Sing The National Anthem At 18,000ft

The Indian Armed Force experience adverse weather conditions at Siachen Glaciers, Ladakh.  It is the highest and the most brutal battle field in the world at an altitude of 21,000 ft and the celsius here drops to minus 50 degrees. 

Soldiers stationed at Siachen bear the brunt of death. Almost every month 3 soldiers die due to avalanches and polarised weather conditions. The selfless soldiers choose to brave such conditions for our country and we all must salute their grit and valour. 

The video shows the extreme climatic condition here and the survival rate here. The Indian force commemorate the sacrifice of the valiant soldiers and hoist the national flag with great pride and honour. With the national anthem in the background, the video is a heartfelt condolence for those who have lost their lives here. 

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