Birdboxes of Norway to Give You a Taste of the Incredible!

Travelling to Norway will now give you the ultimate experience of staying in a birdbox. What are bird boxes, you ask? Well, these are futuristic spaces created for humans that will allow you to blend with nature, thereby giving you the opportunity to devour the land and the sky like a bird.

A Mini - Hotel on the Go!

Birdboxes are the answer if you want to enjoy a quiet stay in Norway with your love ones, away from the humdrum of cities and people. Birdboxes are basically cabins, and of course, you will be provided with the basic amenities that are expected of a modern-day lifestyle. As helicopters can be used to place them, you can have your pick of location and get them placed anywhere.

Feel Nature and Do Netflix!

Birdboxes come in two forms- 'mini and medi'. These are supposedly invented to provide travellers with a fairy-tale-like experience, where you can become one with nature without leaving your comfort zone and having to forego your passion and interest. In a nutshell, you can Netflix your favourite film while feeling the fresh mountain air on your skin or read while listening to the sound of rain hit the ocean surface.

Birdbox is at Your Service.

Be it rain or sun; you can be wherever you want to be. Decide on a Location and call up the agency and the birdbox will be placed at your desired location.

Aren't you excited to experience the unimaginable in Norway? So what are you waiting for, book your tickets now because the Birdbozxes are waiting for you!

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