10 Must-Visit Beaches in Hermanus

Hermanus is a charming town along the South African coast, and it's known for its beautiful beaches. From tranquil stretches of golden sand to vibrant beachfront areas, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a quiet getaway or a lively seaside experience, Hermanus has a beach to match. The town's natural beauty and welcoming atmosphere make it a perfect destination for those seeking a relaxing coastal retreat.

10 Best Beaches in Hermanus:

Here is a compilation of the 15 best beaches in and near Hermanus, each offering a unique coastal experience and natural beauty.

1. Grotto Beach

Grotto Beach
Grotto Beach in Hermanus is a spacious, family-friendly spot known for its clean sand and calm waters. It's great for various activities, from beach games to picnics. The beach is recognized with a Blue Flag for safety and cleanliness, and it even has a park for kids. Lifeguards are on duty, and dogs on leashes are welcome.

With beautiful surroundings of mountains and the ocean, it's an excellent place for whale watching between July and December. Just an hour from Cape Town, Grotto Beach is an inviting destination with play areas and amenities for a relaxed getaway.
Location: Hermanus, Cape Overberg, Western Cape.
How to Reach: Accessible by car via R43. Approximately 10 minutes from the center of Hermanus. Adequate parking available.

2. Macassar Beach

Macassar Beach
Macassar Beach in South Africa is a quiet retreat with untouched beauty, located on the eastern shores of False Bay. Perfect for those seeking tranquillity, this beach is part of a pristine stretch of sand leading to Strand. It offers a relatively protected environment for swimming and surfing, with fishing restricted for conservation.

Located southwest of Hermanus, the beach is adjacent to amenities and the abandoned Macassar Beach Pavilion Water Park, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and exploration.
Location: Eastern shores of False Bay, South Africa.
How to Reach: Accessible by car via N2. Close proximity to the derelict Macassar Beach Pavilion Water Park. Ample parking available.

3. Voelklip Beach

Voelklip Beach
Voëlklip Beach in Hermanus is a top pick for surfers, thanks to its reliable waves. Surrounded by green hills, it's not only a haven for surf enthusiasts but also a peaceful spot for beachgoers. Accessible by car, this beach has a lovely sandy stretch and some rocky areas for those who prefer a quieter setting.

In peak season, it comes alive with activity. It offers basic facilities, limited parking, and is close to amenities. Whether you're into surfing or just want a calm beach day, Voëlklip has you covered.
Location: East of Hermanus.
How to Reach: Accessible by car.

4. Onrus Beach

Onrus Beach
Onrus Beach, a short drive from Hermanus, is a family-friendly spot with safe swimming and a relaxed vibe. Nestled on the Onrus River, it features a serene lagoon merging into the Atlantic Ocean, offering calm waters for kids and exciting waves for surfers. The beach hosts an annual December surfing competition, highlighting its fantastic swell.

Whether you enjoy beach sports or just relaxing with a book, Onrus Beach has something for everyone. A beachside restaurant and on-site facilities add convenience, and there's ample parking available.
Location: Short drive west of Hermanus.
How to Reach: Easily accessible by car.

5. Sandbaai Beach

Sandbaai Beach
Sandbaai Beach, nestled between Hermanus and Onrus, is famous for its intriguing rock pools, making it perfect for family outings and exploration. Easily accessible by car, this local favourite offers safe swimming and fantastic snorkelling in the summer. With ample parking, showers, and change rooms, it provides convenience for visitors. Close to Hermanus, Sandbaai Beach is a delightful coastal spot for everyone to enjoy.
Location: Between Hermanus and Onrus.
How to Reach: Accessible by car. Local favorite with ample parking.

6. Kammabai Beach

Kammabaai beach
Kammabai Beach, also known as Nanny’s Beach near Hermanus, is a nature lover's delight with its lively marine life and tide pools. Easily reachable by car, it's a family-friendly spot, particularly suitable for safe swimming during low tide. Linked to Voëlklip Beach and Grotto Beach via a cliff park, Kammabai boasts rock pools for exploration and gentle waves for surfing.

The grassy area with milkwood trees is an ideal spot for picnics, offering picturesque views of mountains and the ocean. Basic facilities and ample parking make it convenient for visitors. Lifeguards are on duty during peak seasons, and the chance of whale sightings adds an exciting element to this coastal haven.
Location: Southeast of Hermanus.
How to Reach: Accessible by car. Linked to Voelklip Beach and Grotto Beach.

7. Langbaai Beach

Langbaai beach
Langbaai Beach, situated east of Hermanus, is a hidden gem known for its clean sand and calm waters. Accessible by car, this secluded spot offers a peaceful getaway for picnics and romantic outings. With limited parking and a tucked-away feel, it provides a serene setting sheltered from the wind by rocky formations.

The beach, a local favourite, is suitable for various activities and remains well-maintained. Its proximity to Grotto, Kammabaai, and Voelklip makes it an attractive choice, and the cliff path and steps offer access to this tranquil coastal escape, just 10 minutes from Hermanus and a two-hour drive from Cape Town.
Location: Secluded beach east of Hermanus.
How to Reach: Accessible by car. Limited parking available.

8. Rowweklip Beach

Hermanus Beach
Rowweklip Beach, located southeast of Hermanus, is a small and tranquil spot with untouched charm. Accessible by car, it's perfect for walks, sandcastle building, and beach games. The inviting waters and rocks appeal to both swimmers and anglers.

Ideal for a beach picnic, Rowweklip provides a peaceful escape with the convenience of being just 10 minutes from Hermanus town centre. It's a beautiful and relaxing option for a day by the sea.
Location: Southeast of Hermanus.
How to Reach: Accessible by car. Accessible between Grotto Beach and Voëlklip Beach.

9. Hawston Beach

Hawston Beach
Hawston Beach, southeast of Hermanus, is a pristine Blue Flag beach with clear waters and great facilities. It's in the charming hamlet of Hawston, surrounded by dunes and mountains. The beach is safe for swimming, surfing, and paddleboarding, with lifeguards during peak times. You might spot dolphins and whales from July to December.

The beach also has an Olympic-sized pool, picnic areas, and a restaurant. Protected dunes offer scenic walkways. It's a perfect day trip, just 20 minutes from Hermanus and 90 minutes from Cape Town.
Location: Southeast of Hermanus.
How to Reach: Easily accessible by car. Approximately 20 minutes from Hermanus.

10. Kwaaiwater

Kwaaiwater beach
Kwaaiwater Beach is a hidden gem cherished for its untamed beauty and outstanding surf conditions. Embraced by the surfing community, it offers an authentic coastal experience. Situated to the southeast of Hermanus, it's easily accessible by car. The rugged landscape and excellent waves make it a favourite among surfers seeking a genuine coastal escape.
Location: Southeast of Hermanus.
How to Reach: Accessible by car. Limited parking available.
Hermanus boasts a diverse array of beaches, each with its charm. Whether you seek the excitement of surfing, a peaceful family day out, or a secluded escape, the beaches of Hermanus cater to every preference. Explore the beauty of this coastal town through its sandy shores, and you're sure to find your perfect beach retreat.

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