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FAQs on Guest Houses In Macau

How much does it cost to stay at Guest Houses In Macau?

On an average, Guest Houses In Macau costs around INR 160 per night.

What are the best Guest Houses In Macau?

Some of the best Guest Houses In Macau are ã?å¯?è?ï¼?大谭山ä¸?号ã??交é??ç??起来å¾?便å?©/æ??å¼?çª?é£?贼大/ç?­æ°´ç?«è¿?æ?ç?ªæ°´/没人å??ä½ æ?¢Wi-Fi/é£?æ?¯å??强è¡?, ã?ç??家ã??é?¿é??å??æ?¥é?å®¶åº­å?åº?æ?¿è§?æ?¯, ã?ç??家ã??é?¿é??å??æ?¥é?æµ·æ´?家庭å?åº?æ?¿

How much is a Guest Houses In Macau for this weekend?

The average price per night for a Guest Houses In Macau for this weekend is INR 160

What are the best Guest Houses In Macau with a pool?

Best Guest Houses In Macau with a pool are ã?å¯?è?ï¼?大谭山ä¸?号ã??交é??ç??起来å¾?便å?©/æ??å¼?çª?é£?贼大/ç?­æ°´ç?«è¿?æ?ç?ªæ°´/没人å??ä½ æ?¢Wi-Fi/é£?æ?¯å??强è¡?

Suggest some Guest Houses In Macau with good wifi?

Best Guest Houses In Macau with wifi availability are are ã?å¯?è?ï¼?大谭山ä¸?号ã??交é??ç??起来å¾?便å?©/æ??å¼?çª?é£?贼大/ç?­æ°´ç?«è¿?æ?ç?ªæ°´/没人å??ä½ æ?¢Wi-Fi/é£?æ?¯å??强è¡?, ã?ç??家ã??é?¿é??å??æ?¥é?å®¶åº­å?åº?æ?¿è§?æ?¯, ã?ç??家ã??é?¿é??å??æ?¥é?æµ·æ´?家庭å?åº?æ?¿

What all are the best Guest Houses In Macau for a weekend stay?

Some of the best Guest Houses In Macau for a weekend stay are ã?å¯?è?ï¼?大谭山ä¸?号ã??交é??ç??起来å¾?便å?©/æ??å¼?çª?é£?贼大/ç?­æ°´ç?«è¿?æ?ç?ªæ°´/没人å??ä½ æ?¢Wi-Fi/é£?æ?¯å??强è¡?, ã?ç??家ã??é?¿é??å??æ?¥é?å®¶åº­å?åº?æ?¿è§?æ?¯, ã?ç??家ã??é?¿é??å??æ?¥é?æµ·æ´?家庭å?åº?æ?¿

Best time for a staycation in Macau?

October to December is the best time to visit Macau. Considered as the autumn season, these months with cool and clear weather mark the post-summer and pre-winter season. With a distinct dry and wet season, the average temperature in Macau ranges around 20 degrees Celcius almost the entire year.

December is the best month to visit Macau with the weather being neither too dry nor too hot. January and February mark the coldest period in Macau but is a good time to visit for people who don't mind a little cold.

The summer months in Macau from May and September is very hot and humid with June being the hottest month. However, beach lovers and tourists on a budget can consider visiting Macau during these months.

It is recommended to avoid visiting Macau from July to September as the area is prone to cyclone and typhoons during the monsoon season. 

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