Karwar is a port city with scenic beaches surrounded by casuarinas trees along the Arabian sea coastline. Located 15 km from Goa, on the west coast of Indian Peninsula, It is both a natural harbour a (Read More)nd a town with a history that goes back to the 15th century.

Here is the list of 20 Things to Do in Karwar

1. Durga Temple

Durga Temple
3.1 /5

This temple was installed by Shivaji for the local Bhandari population. It is located inside the Sadashivgad hill fort, atop a hill. The beautiful location gives devotees stunning views of the surrounding islands and landscape.

2. Try the Authentic Karwa Seafood at Hotel Amrut

Try the Authentic Karwa Seafood at Hotel Amrut

Hotel Amrut is a famous restaurant for its authentic Karwa Seafood taste. The main elements of the food here are rice, coconut, cashews and the local cuisine is almost defined by the flattering variety of seafood here.

3. Dine at Swetha Lunch Home

Dine at Swetha Lunch Home

Karwar is known for delicious sea food and one place that you have to try is the Swetha Lunch home. Try the dishes like Karle Ambat (crab masala), Bangada fry, oysters and clams, Masli Kadi ( fish and coconut gravy), Sukhe Masli (dried and salted fish), chilly squid, Rice Dosa and more.

4. Maruti Temple

Maruti Temple

Maruti Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is an important pilgrim centre in the region. It has a large number of devotees visiting in December during their annual festival every year. The temple is made of pristine white marble and is an illustration of the nagara style of architecture.

5. Anashi Waterfall

Anashi Waterfall

A paradise for nature lovers, Anashi Waterfall is a splendid attraction near Anshi Village. The water body attracts several birds and animals thriving in the green zone that one can spot while exploring the attraction. The enchanting fall is located amidst dense forestation, very close to SH 34.

6. Doplhin- spotting at Tilmati Beach

Doplhin- spotting at Tilmati Beach

Tilmati Beach is a picturesque secluded shoreline accessible only through a scenic hiking route that stretches about a kilometre from Gabitwada in Majali. A special feature of the attraction is the basaltic black coloured sand that resembles sesame seeds.

7. Warship Museum

Warship Museum

INS Chapal Warship Museum is situated in Rabindranath Tagore beach. INS Chapal is a missile warship and was used in the 1971 Indo - Pak war. In 2006, the ship was converted into a museum to display sea-artefacts.

8. Kayaking at Koodi Bagh Beach

Kayaking at Koodi Bagh Beach
3.1 /5

Located at the meeting of the Arabian Sea and the Kali river, this beautiful beach is a serene getaway for locals and tourists visiting Karwar. There are all types of water sports are available at this beach such as canoeing, kayaking, banana boat and more.

9. Tour the Karwar Aquarium

Tour the Karwar Aquarium

Karwar Aquarium is famous for housing quite a variety of colourful fishes and a giant skeleton of a blue whale. A visit to the attraction is an interesting way to get a glimpse into the habitats of marine creatures created in glass aquariums.

10. Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat

Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat
3.1 /5

The Dargah is named after and dedicated to a Baghdadi saint. Known as the Pir Fort by the Portuguese, devotees come here to have their wishes fulfilled. It faces the Durga temple in the Sadashivgad hill fort.

11. Water Sports at Kurumgad Island

Water Sports at Kurumgad Island
3.4 /5

Shaped like a tortoise, this island is home to the Narasimha temple which is a famous pilgrimage spot in the area. A deserted lighthouse is also present on this island which has its own historic background. Various activities like water sports, fishing etc can be enjoyed here.

12. Kot Shiveshwar

Kot Shiveshwar
3.1 /5

This fortress was built on strategic purposes to protect Northern Canara regions, by the Bijapur Sultanate. It is a ruin today, although some features like a tunnel and graveyard are discernible.

13. Shopping in Karwar

Shopping in Karwar
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Karwar is quite famous for its fine muslin cloth, so this should be the topmost commodity on your shopping list. Karwar is also quite well known for beautifully carved sandalwood and incense sticks. You can also buy silk sarees here.

14. Views from Kali River Bridge

Views from Kali River Bridge

Kali Bridge stretches over the region where the mesmerising River Kali meets the magnificent Arabian Sea. Tourists often visit the attraction for the splendid view of the merging water bodies and the Sadashivgad Fort located a little distance away from the bridge.

15. Oyster Rock Lighthouse

Oyster Rock Lighthouse
3.1 /5

Boasting of stunning colonial architecture, the towering lighthouse has a dome crowning it through which the tourists can see the entrance to the lantern room. It is a perfect place to watch the sunrise and sunset moments. Besides, the top of the tower offers enchanting panoramic vistas.

16. Trek to Guddalli Peak

Trek to Guddalli Peak
3.1 /5

A blessing in disguise, Guddali Peak is one of the highest peaks of the area. With an average altitude of about 1800 ft above the sea level, the peak offers a splendid top view of the dense foliage, River Kali, River Belikeri and the Arabian Sea at a distance.

17. Go for Fishing at Majali Beach

Go for Fishing at Majali Beach
3.4 /5

This is one of the best places to visit in Karwar, owing to the scenic beauty, sea-facing housing facilities and water sports. Bird watching and fishing can also be enjoyed by the tourists. The beach has many resorts where guests get a private beach experience in the peaceful Majali Beach.

18. Relax at Devbagh Beach

Relax at Devbagh Beach
4.1 /5

Perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the state of Karnataka, Devbagh beach is a nature lover's paradise. This quiet seaside in Karwar may seem like the typical beach experience at first glance, yet it offers so much more.

19. Sunset Views from Sadashivgad Fort

Sunset Views from Sadashivgad Fort
3.1 /5

This fort is built atop a hill on the north bank of the Kali river, hence giving a beautiful view of the setting sun. It is mostly in ruins, having been pulled apart by the British, after multiple change of hands. The Durga temple is situated in this fort.

20. Nagnath Temple

Nagnath Temple
3.1 /5

Devotees worship an anthill in this temple. The Naganath temple is protected by the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 and the Archaeological Survey of India is responsible for the conservation of the temple.

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