Best Beaches in Sanur to Get That Bali Tan

Beaches in Sanur

The beaches in Sanur are characterized by the vibrantly-hued wooden outrigger boats, or 'jukungs' as they're known in Bahasa, line the shore. Shallow and clear waters make the beaches in Sanur perfec (Read More)t for those looking for swim-friendly expanses of white tropical sand, perfect for your seaside escapade.

Here is the list of 4 Best Beaches in Sanur to Get That Bali Tan

1. Sanur Beach, Bali

Sanur Beach, Bali

Located on the east of Denpasar, Sanur Beach one of the oldest beaches in Sanur, as well as Bali. The area has been developed as a tiny town with beachside shops, bars, beachside cafes offering a wide range of local cuisines, and the different sporting activities. Sanur beach's coastline stretches for about 4km with a great beachfront walk. Sanur's calm beach makes it ideal for young children. There are beach beds, umbrellas, and parking failities available.
Top Activities: windsurfing, diving

2. Pandawa Beach, Bali

Pandawa Beach, Bali
4.3 /5

Nestled in the southern corner of Bali, Pandawa beach in Sanur, also called 'the secret beach', is a 1 km stretch of stunning shoreline flanked by precipitous hills on either side. Inaccessible until recently, the newly carved entrance invites you into a spot of untouched beauty, allowing you to sunbathe and witness a beautiful sunrise here. There are a number of water activities. Food stalls serving Balinese cuisine are also located around the beach. 
Top Activities: swimming, paragliding

3. Cemara Beach, Denpasar

Cemara Beach, Denpasar

White sands and resorts, this beach in Sanur is perfect for those who don't wish to visit a crowded beach. With just a handful of shacks, this place is perfect to just lay on the sand, sunbathing and listening to sound of the waves. The beach is shallow and ideal for swimming, and there is a seperate swimming section for children. There are beach bars and restaurants around. Beach beds, umbrellas and parking facility is available.
Top Activities: swimming, kayaking

4. Padang Padang Beach, Bali

Padang Padang Beach, Bali
4.4 /5

One of the many surfing spots Bali has to offer, Padang Padang beach on the Bukit peninsula features a long stretch of white sand ideal for building sand castles and sunbathing, while the blue waters draw pro surfers. Lined with cafes and shops, the beach gained fame for being the backdrop to Julia Robert's Eat, Pray, Love. Known locally as Pantai Labuan Sait, this beach is hidden and has to be reached by passing through a unique hollow rock entrance.
Top Activities: swimming, surfing

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Visit these enchanting beaches in Sanur to have a serene beachside vacation.

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