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In a world of travellers looking for new adventures; be a curator of those ventures.
Let your words turn you into a storyteller and let your stories become their guide.
Are you the one who can see the world through the eyes of a traveller?
Are you the one who can weave magical words?
Are you the one who can show the world to someone who hasn't seen it?
If you can make a wishful traveller pack their backpacks, then you're the one we're looking for!
Be our travel writer and explore the world through words.

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*If you do not have a writing sample describe a place of your choice in 200 words - this should help the reader understand basic details of this place, get a feeling of how this place would be and should highlight the main reasons why should one visit this place. After reading this, the reader should want to read more about this place at least, if not actually plan a trip to this place.