"Quaint little hilly town"

Lansdowne Tourism At A Glance

Lansdowne at an altitude of 1,706 m on a hillock is famous for its pristine Himalayan beauty, oak and pine forests, snow-covered peaks and lovely fresh air.

Unspoiled by human activities, Lansdowne is also popular as one of the British Hill stations and is home to the cantonment of the Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army. The area is home to some of the most mystical and breathtaking views. This place also served as one of the main bases of independence struggle activities during the Colonial times. Lansdowne is famous for its eco-friendly tourism revolving around mountaineering, trekking, and jungle safaris. The Shardotsav festival celebrated annually during autumn draws tourists from across the country.

The most delicious and convenient option for food here would be the hotels, lodges and resorts, since there aren't too many restaurants here. One can find Chinese, Indian, Mughlai, Marwari, Garhwali as well as Continental cuisines. One can also relish Chinese, Tibetan as well as a number of non-vegetarian delicacies here. The local cuisine of Uttarakhand the you might find here includes Bhaang Ki Khatai, Kappa (a green curry), Sisunak Saag(a dish prepared with green leafy vegetables and many local ingredients), Aloo ke Gutke( a Kumauni potato dish), Rus ( a preparation of many dals) and more.

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Places to Stay in Lansdowne

Lansdowne offers many resorts, self-catering villas and guest houses for a comfortable stay.

Commuting Within Lansdowne

It's best to have your own vehicle or rented cab in Lansdowne. Alternately, you can also travel in the local buses. Jungle safaris and walking are some of the other ways to explore Lansdowne.

Reviews about Lansdowne

Carry warm clothes whenever you travel to Lansdowne. Winters are extremely cold. Hence, carry boots and jackets during winters. Also, carry packages of snacks or fruits since sight-seeing places don't usually have eateries around.


Questions about Lansdowne

By Pallavi Siddhanta

What all can I do in Lansdowne? Does it have nice cafes where I can chill?

Lansdowne hardly has any cafes or stand alone restaurants so to say. Most of the places to eat and chill are the in-house restaurants of the hotels, resorts or the lodges which can serve the purpose pretty well.

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