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Rafting Adventure in Kullu

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2 Hours 30 Minutes

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About the Activity: You'll arrive at the starting point and get the briefing on the activity. You must listen to this very carefully as the instructions are for ensuring that you get the best of experiences here. This will be followed by a gear check before you put it on. Then the rafts are lowered in the river and everyone climbs in it. And then, you raft.

But why Kullu, though? With rafting trips lasting for as short as 7 km and as long as 14 km, the thrills always remain on a high as you negotiate the rapids of the ever torrential waters of Beas in Kullu, which further adds to the whole excitement factor of Kullu river rafting.

If you are looking for something that can set your soul free and can take you on an exciting, bumpy ride, a rafting adventure in Kullu is sure made for you

Group Size: Min 2

About the Destination: River rafting in Kullu is the ultimate definition of adventure experiences in the valley. Kullu valley is well-known amongst Indians for various reasons. Situated on the banks of the River Beas, Kullu has thrived in natural beauty, pleasant climate throughout the year, religious importance and mostly because of the many adventure activities offered in the stunning valley vistas of this hill station.

Kullu is a place where people come to be part of a myriad of different experiences that call Kullu their home. A spiritual site, a serene beauty, and the most favorite adventure destination, Kullu has something for everyone. But if you wish to bring together the feel of blood rushing in your veins, head swiveling in every direction and eyes taking in the beauty around you as you bump into one rapid after another, then Kullu river rafting experience is a must try here. The hills covered in green forests of Pine and Deodar, and the river flowing right in the center of it makes the experience even more amazing.

For an amazing adventure experience in Kullu, river rafting is certainly the best and wholesome way of getting your fill of thrills here. River rafting in Kullu is an all-time favorite of tourists and adventurists pouring into the region throughout the year. In fact, long queues and waiting lists become very common when river rafting is on its peak time.

Details on this Activity


Day 1

  • The tour starts with your arrival at the starting point for the activity
  • After a safety briefing and gear check, you will be taken to the raft to begin your adventure
  • As per the package you choose, you will be rafting for the decided distance and at the end point, you will finish the tour by returning your gear.

Activities included

  • Rafting
  • Other Inclusions

  • Safety equipment and life jackets
  • Reviews on this Activity

    ROSHNI PRASAD 1 year ago
    "We booked for the same day and after calling at thrillophilia, our booking was confirmed, we were given a great rafting guide who guided us very safely and completed full 7kms without cheating on us which most guides do there but our guide was very very good.. He even let me dip in the water. it was a great experience. We will definitely recommend this. "
    Bhramar Acharya 3 years ago
    Totally worth the price. I booked this deal from Delhi and reached Kullu, I spend some days sauntering around the valley and the day came when my rafting was scheduled by Thrillophilia. The process was smooth, I had to reach the starting point and then was guided by the instructor. I joined a group as I was traveling solo and then were given life jackets, helmets and other safety gears. Later we were briefed and then we embarked on the much awaited ride. Loved the excitement and enthusiasm of the groups who raft through the raving river, enjoying this awesome sports.
    Ravi Khatri 3 years ago
    One should do it in March or April or even in june, the water is not as cold as it is in the winter season. As much as i loved the experience, I would still always suggest and want do it in March or April. January was just so icy for a river rafting adventure.
    Dhanu Deshpande 3 years ago
    The only problem I face with such rafting expedition is that the instructors and leaders are always in a hurry because it gets crowded more as its teh season. The instructor will hastily give you all the do’s and don'ts and then you have to manage. Being a first-timer, I was really scared and nervous and this hurried way of training made me more nervous. Although I did not face any mishap or did not struggle during the entire ride, totally loved the experience. I just think this is something which every operator can improve because god forbid, if we get into a situation, we must know how exactly to handle it
    Ankal Patil 3 years ago
    The equipment was in good condition and not like the last time I did where I was given a cracked helmet. It was a satisfying experience with Thrillophilia.
    Rajinder Butt 3 years ago
    Adventure of a lifetime, loved how we heaved and tossed and almost fell into the river and then got all scared but gripped on to the paddles again and conquered the raving river.
    Arjun Kapoor 3 years ago
    It was a safe sport for a first timer, anyone can try. My confidence level increased after such an energetic ride. Totally worth the cost
    Tarun Deshpande 3 years ago
    My first rafting experience was in Rishikesh three years ago and after such a long time I did river rafting in Kullu, just got the thrill once again. Only the distance that we cover in Kullu is less compared to Rishikesh. I loved the over all experience.
    Aditya Gandhi 3 years ago
    I went in November and trust me the river water was so ice-cold yet so electrifying that we jumped into the river once we crossed all the rapids in our 14 KM long rafting session. Appreciate the arrangements done by the team.
    Bhaaswar Chaturvedi 3 years ago
    Best experience in best price just make sure that you follow the instructions, your disorientation or non-attentive behaviour may affect the team performance. All in all, you do not need to worry just enjoy while you follow the instructions.
    Rajiv Bandopadhyay 3 years ago
    White water rafting is one sport that is gaining interest day by day in our country and it is great to see that traveling and adventure sports has a taken a different level in India. I also went for Kullu river rafting and it was worth the risk. Great sport and beautiful scenery around while rafting. Loved the fringes of alpine trees on the bank of the river which accompanied us throughout the journey.
    Chandini Banerjee 3 years ago
    No matter what the instructors say, at some places the rapids are extreme and even the adults can lose balance so putting children below 10 on this ride is risky. My kid is 8 years old and he insisted on doing it with us and the instructor also supported his desire but I am glad we did not let him do the ride, rafting in Kullu can really get tricky sometimes. We as grown ups lost control, kids are more prone to losing balance because of their weight and strength. It indeed was a heart-stopping journey of 9 KM rating through the white water of river Beas but always know that safety comes first and it should not be taken lightly ever. Liked the adventure and the tour price.
    Jyotis Ganaka 3 years ago
    I was first time rafting in Kullu and it is an amazing experience with the best price offered here. Once in a lifetime experience. Must go for Kullu river rafting.
    Chandini Desai 3 years ago
    Adventure is out there and I am happy to have lived something as exhilarating as river rafting in Kullu. Awesome experience, fantastic rapids, and rafting at such good price
    Rameshwar Bharadwaj 3 years ago
    It was a fun way to celebrate the togetherness of my family, rafting together with family is such a bliss. All thanks to the team of Thrillophilia for such a good deal
    Chaanakya Ahluwalia 3 years ago
    I went with my office team and it was an official trip organized by our organization, loved our time together. It was so refreshing for all of us to scream and laugh and be happy in the waves and rapids and then river cruising in the clear water of river Beas. It was a much needed break from work.
    Vaijayanti Sethi 3 years ago
    So much fun in just half an hour time. I always long for adventure sports because I feel I have it in me, the adventure bug and river rafting in Kullu was so exciting. It was a total adrenaline-pumping experience. Thank you guys at Thrillophilia.
    Gorakhanatha Varma 3 years ago
    I was solo tripping in the Manikaran district of Himachal when I had this urge of getting into something adventurous and then I contacted the team of Thrillophilia to know if a solo traveler can get on one of the rafts without a group; they said its fine, he can join any of the groups which is less numbered at the start point of the trek. I went and loved the experience of meeting so many young adventurers like me on my solo journey. All thanks to Thrillophilia for making it smooth and easy.
    Gandharv Asan 3 years ago
    One of the best way to see the beauty of Kullu is by rafting in the crystal clear river water of Kullu. We opted for 14 KM long raft and booked the entire raft for our group, we were just four people. The way we sculled through the rapids and the instructor screaming which side to row and raft, it was one amazing experience. The relaxing part of this session is the river cruising with your life jackets on. Beas is truly wonderful and we made friends with the instructor during the training time so it was more like five friends rafting in the crazy and extreme rapids of river Beas. It was a lifetime experience for all four of us. Totally recommend.

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