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Prashar Lake Trek from Delhi with Camping, Himachal

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Availability: Every Weekends

Available Group Departure: 
Can be arranged on any date if you are more than 2 people.

About the Prashar Lake Trek:

The Prashar Lake trekking is fit for individuals of all interest- and expertise levels. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?! With views fit for a king, the trail, leading to the lake region i.e. from the city of Mandi to the little village of Baggi, become private and exclusive to every group that visits. It is of prime importance to remain hydrated and careful during every part of the journey owing to unpredictable, slippery paths and the formation of ice on the surfaces. The setting of the campsite in Prashar Lake location is yet another pleasant surprise because of its closeness to the water and its harmony with nature.

About Prashar Lake:

Prashar Lake trek (2,730m), which happily takes people to the lake which is completely frozen in the winter and a dazzling beauty otherwise, is considered to be an important trek in Himachal Pradesh. The picture-perfect blue water lake is surrounded by the majestic Dhauladhar Ranges in Kullu Valley and it is always kept as a secret in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. If you set out for a trek to Prashar Lake, you will be going through the charming trails crossing the forests and several small streams. 

As you climb the trails up, you will come to meet the local people and it is the best chance to know the indigenous culture closely. Also, once you finish the trek to Prashar Lake, you will have a satisfied heart filled with plenty of beautiful views of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges.

Alongside, there is a surprisingly beautiful attraction near the lake that is the local temple of Prashar Rishi which has a lot of significant architectural brilliance carved on the walls. The style perfectly matches with the landscape around the lake and thus it is a favorite tourist attraction in the region. If you're in the mood for some outdoor adventure and want these memories to be etched forever, then make Prashar Lake trekking the trek of your choice!

Quick Facts:

  Day: 13°C to 18°C and Night: 0°C to 7°C

Maximum Altitude: 

Difficulty Level: 

Nearest Airport: 
Bhuntar Airport, Kullu

Nearest ATM:
 Mandi has the last ATM point before your trek begins.

Starting & Ending Point: Panarsa

Details on this Activity


Day 1

  • Start from Delhi on Day 0 evening (08:30 PM)
  • Reach Mandi by morning.
  • Breakfast + Transfer to Baggi village on Shared Cabs
  • Trek to Parashar Lake + Packed Lunch
  • Photography and sunset at Parashar Lake
  • Snacks + Dinner
  • Camping under the Stars at Parashar Lake

Day 2

  • Experience Sunrise at Parashar Lake + 360° panoramic view of the mighty Himalayas
  • Breakfast + Trek back to Baggi Village
  • Transfer to Mandi
  • Lunch & Freshen Up
  • Depart for Delhi by evening to reach next day morning.

Activities included

  • Trekking
  • Yoga and Medication {if weather permits}
  • Bonefire {if weather permits}
  • Sightseeing
  • Other Inclusions

  • 5 Meals (2 Breakfast + 2 Lunch + 1 Dinner + Tea) all Veg
  • Transit Room on the day of arrival in Panarsa for freshen-up
  • Clock Room to leave any extra stuff at Panarsa
  • Shared Cabs from Panarsa >> Jwalapur >> Panarsa
  • Stay at Prashar Lake (Camping / HomeStay / GuestHouse)
  • Gear (Sticks + SnowGaiters + DayBags + Tent + Sleeping Bag + Matts + Lights)
  • Certified Guide + Support Staff + Safety Equipment
  • Reviews on this Activity

    Dron Bhat 12 months ago
    It is one of the most beautiful place i have seen , the view were breathtaking . The trek was so adventurous and exciting and the view of the lake and the temple is breathtaking and a fantastic experience.
    Sharmila Abbott 12 months ago
    One of the best trekking experience, We trekked to Parashar lake and it was so beautiful there, we clicked pictures there and the view of sunset was so captivating from the lakeside, the camping at the lakeside at night was mesmerizing. The view of himlayas in morning was really good, it was a fantastic experience overall.
    Bala Talwar 12 months ago
    Apart from the scenic views there were various activities organised by Thrillophlilia, Also i would like to mention about the comfortable camps and delicious food provided to us. Along with an adventurous experience i'm taking with me a lot of memories. Thank you Thrillophilia and team for this amazing 2 day tour.
    Tanushri Namboothiri 12 months ago
    Everything was perfect on this trek. Me and my friend book this trek after going through different websites and reviews and finally booked through Thrillophilia as one our friend recommended us who already went on this trek with Thrillophilia. Quality of service was very good from team and the guide was very helpful. Parashar is one of the most beautiful lake in Himachal and it’s a must visit.
    Vandit 1 year ago
    It is an awesome trek. Hiking 9km through the lush green forest, rocky areas, some steep ascent, and various waterfalls, it was a treat away from city life. The tour was well managed by the operator. The Operator/Guide picked us up from bus drop. He was with us until we boarded the bus back. He helped us to cross the rough patches on the trek, maintained the pace according to us. He is familiar with the flora & fauna on the trek and keeps telling us about them during the journey. One thing to note for camping is that the camp is 2km away from Lake, and not just outside the fence on the lake as mentioned in the description of this trek. The camp is on the private land of the operator, which was good as there was a proper toilet/ kitchen on the site. The meals were good. He also fed us with fresh Apples from the local farm.
    Ankal Patil 2 years ago
    The beauty of the lake is unbelievable. So splendid from all angles. The temple, the floating lake in the middle of pure green meadows were really an epic view. Trek was quite easy. I went along with my partner. We literally enjoyed it from the bottom of our hearts. At this price, it was great an experience. No pollution or no traffic. rarely any people we saw on the route, especially the last stretches of the trek. Very beautiful climate also though it rained at times. They have arranged proper stay and food too. Thanks.
    Kosha Modi 4 years ago
    We were a group of 50 students who went on a trip booked through thrillophilia. We had two stops in our journey, Kullu, and Prashar Lake. Kullu: We reached Kullu after an overnight bus journey. There were 10 tents, each with clean attached bathrooms. The tents were in a secluded area by the riverside. The location was beautiful and private. We did river rafting (around 4 kms) and rope activities by the day time. Around the evening, we all enjoyed by the bonfire. You can also walk around the streets during the day, and get a feel of the place. All in all, it was a very memorable experience. Next morning, we left for Mandi in a bus, and then left for trekking to Prashar Lake. It was a picturesque 7 km trek, doable for beginners. The view was extremely scenic especially at the top. There were 14 tents for all us, and a sleeping bag for each (The temperature had really fallen due to a hailstorm). Tasty food was served by the lake . There was a great view of snow-clad mountains from the location. All in all, the place was very serene and beautiful. One drawback was, that there were just three dirty bathrooms for 50 people. This trip is very suitable for adventurous people wanting a break from the city life in a destination which is not overcrowded.
    ekanshdewangan 4 years ago
    "It was the perfect trek for a biegniers, but the person who never done trek before i will tell that it was Not that easy trek that you think too, Actually it was the moderate trek. \n\nWe start trekking morning 10 am after travelling 15 km through, jungle and river we reached the destination prashar lake. The lake is accompanied by fast flowing beas river the lake prashar is very scenic. With deep blue waters and a pagoda structured temple it create a very sacred feelings in visitors mind. The most striking characteristic of the place is its silence that you may experience nowhere else. "
    ekanshdewangan 4 years ago
    "It was the perfect trek for the biegniers, but the person who never done trek before i will tell that it was Not that easy trek that you think too, Actually it was the moderate trek. \n\nWe start trekking morning 10 am after travelling 15 km through, jungle and river we reached the destination prashar lake. The lake is accompanied by fast flowing beas river the lake prashar is very scenic. With deep blue waters and a pagoda structured temple it create a very sacred feelings in visitors mind. The most striking characteristic of the place is its silence that you may experience nowhere else. "
    Archna 4 years ago
    Amazing experience. Went on a snow trek. It was handled amazingly well. Thanks to Thrillophilia for such a wonderful experience. Would definitely recommend.
    Nitin Mahajan 4 years ago
    Prashar lake is a perect trek for anyone looking for a 2 days of wilderness. Am happy that i did this trek and even more happy that i booked it from thrillophilia. all the arrangements from food, camps, bonfire, guides were on time and of top quality. Morning yoga and Meditation around the lake was very refreshing.
    Chitraksh Pandey 5 years ago
    Prashar Lake Trek is not very popular; thus it is not crowded or polluted like other trekking spots or even other sightseeing spots in the vicinity. Other than that it is a easy level trekking tour but provides a wonderful life time experience.This is a perfect trek to take!
    Harinakshi Bharadwaj 5 years ago
    We visited Prashar Lake in winter which I felt to be the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. We chose to trek from Baagi village to Prashar lake which is a good 17 or so kilometers. In the beginning of our trek we had the perfect weather, a good sunny day but on day two it started to snow so we had to camp. But it was totally worth the experience. The best part of it being the spectacular view. On reaching Prashar Lake we visited the famous and beautiful wood carved- Pagoda temple and the sunset at Prashar lake was a breathtaking and magnificent end to our trip to Himachal
    Tanushri Trivedi 5 years ago
    My Husband and I took this trek. This was our first trek together. Both of us have been trekking individually for some time now, but our work timing never let us to take a vacation together, and when we did take it, it was just about awesome. I am glad to have chosen this place to trek. It was a really nice spot. It is full of natural beauty. The trek is of moderate-challenging level, but with ample trek experience, it was quite moderate for us to finish it. Also, the trek organizers had done a wonderful job in planning and organizing the trek. Kudos, to them!
    Kashyap Trivedi 5 years ago
    Excellent destination with awesome views. It is lies 49KM north of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh and located at height of 2730m above the sea level. With deep blue water the lake looks mind blowing.
    Gajaadhar Khanna 6 years ago
    The place is lovely, amazing and visiting this place is like a dream come true. We enjoyed the beautiful sights on the way and around the lake. It was one of the best tours i have been on.
    Neha Jain 6 years ago
    Everything about Prashar lake is magical and does wonders for the travellers thirsty heart! It is Jewel of Himachal Pradesh indeed! really the trek organizer, guides and fellow trekkers made my journey so easy and comfortable. it was really insane. thank you prashar lake and love himalayas!!
    Rachit Meheta 6 years ago
    This place is truly the jewel of Himachal Pradesh and was half frozen when I visited this place. It was worth the money . We got to see the river Beas too and man, what a sight it is. Had my camera with me to capture the beauty, but I do not think one can do the place justice. I mean, it is that beautiful!
    Aaditya Mehra 6 years ago
    Prashar lake is one of the most beautiful and scenic places. We had visited the place between April and July and again in September and November and the later one is the best time i would suggest for anyone to visit such a peaceful and serene beauty!
    Pritha Majumdar 6 years ago
    Easy and short, I really like this Parashar Lake trek in Himachal Pradesh. Beautiful lake, not so much difficulty in climbing to it and getting over within 2 days. Amazingly beautiful trek I had with Thrillophilia's team. time i had with the group i went with and a nice peaceful visit to the pagoda temples.

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