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Power Paragliding in Sohna, Gurgaon

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About the Activity:

  • Power Paragliding in Sohna, Gurgaon, is one step ahead, if you are done with exploring all the available adventures on land and water. Enthral in this delightful tour.
  • The resort is built with the aim of taking people back to their roots. Adventure junkies can fulfil their dream of flying high in a motored paraglide which is a powered paraglide that operates with the help of an attached motor, harness and a propeller. 
  • Fly under the expertise of trained pilots who assure you a fun-packed aerial time, rest can delight in various activities available in the resort itself with these amazing paragliding in Sohna Gurgaon.
  • Fulfill your childhood desire of flying like birds. Indulge in an exciting Air Safari that takes you on a flying tour on the suburbs of Delhi. Enjoy a stunning aerial view of lush-green grasslands and amazing farm houses while gliding in the air.
  • Glee in this amazing experience of paragliding at Sohna, Gurgaon for 30 minutes.
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Activities included

  • Paragliding
  • Reviews on this Activity

    Divjot Khanna 2 years ago
    This activity is a treat for the people of Delhi NCR. For a change, I did not have to travel to Himachal Pradesh to get adventurous. The experience was better than I'd expected. A little overpriced, though.
    Chandi Khan 2 years ago
    The most unique experience of all my life. It was like driving but the car flies. And the place was away from the city so the view was even more amazing. I just loved it. Thank you Thrillophilia, although I wish the flight was longer.
    Daevika Somayaji 2 years ago
    Paragliding in Gurgaon is truly a luxury, so aptly priced. The safety protocols were good and stringent. But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly experience, better save up and go to Bir-Billing. Otherwise, great adventure. Thank you Thrillophilia.
    Tushar Dubashi 2 years ago
    The landscape of Gurgaon may not be that appealing like of the mountains but power paragliding gave me some good views of the grasslands and farmlands. A pretty nice ride for the Delhites.
    Vaidehi Patel 2 years ago
    Paragliding at such a great height made me nausea for a while. But at the end of it, I was feeling that I achieved something great in my life. Can't simplysay thanks to everyone who helped me do this in mere words. I was always afraid of heights. But eventually I did it successfully. Now I am out of fear of heights. The instructors are the main reason for that. Thank you guys. I would recommend this package to all my friends and family. It is such a great adventure.
    Ankit 2 years ago
    This was a wonderful experience. It is toyally safe and at the same time very exciting and thrilling as well. Sunil is very good and makes everyone feel safe and enjoy the whole time.
    Anamika Shastri 3 years ago
    "amazing experience and would love to go again !!!"
    Mehak Mahanoori 4 years ago
    Amazing experience! kudos to the team!
    Puneet Sinha 5 years ago
    This is an amazing adventure for all those who wants a thrill in air, so if you are bored of land and water like me, than this what you can experience. i was feeling like a flying bird when i was up in the air enjoying th paragliding ride.
    Satyen Asan 5 years ago
    Thanks to our expert guide and th pilot under whose guidance we enjoyed this aerial fun for the first time , so whether you are doing this for the first time or for the last time it is quite an easy and crazy fun one can have.
    Kashyapi Iyer 5 years ago
    Thank god i did not missed such an awesome trip to Sohna in Gurgaon , i had visited Gurgaon many time but for my business purpose until my wife suggested to visit Sohna, we really enjoyed all moments there, especially the mudd bath and paragliding.
    Chatur Tandon 5 years ago
    this was a different and exciting activity to get into. We had a really fun and awesome time. The most important thing was, the safety gears and measurements were top class.It was a smooth experience and enjoyable one.
    Anusuya Gowda 5 years ago
    One should maintain all safety measure before starting their flight in Sohna, though it is an easy trip but you may feel uncomfortable while going up since i was afraid initially but the trained pilots helped me a lot. i am a havingheight phobia but once you reach up in the sky the feel and view makes you forget everything..
    Jaimini Somayaji 5 years ago
    woo it was scary when i saw people were flying in the sky in a motorized paraglider but i was excited for my turn and it was really worth it. sonha is a great place for visitors and the hotels and resorts are also perfect to spend valuable time.It was a good family outing activity.
    Gopaal Devar 5 years ago
    When i was a kid i always had a desire to fly like a bird and never expected that my dream will come true one day , yes i was not on any chopper or plane , it was like a flying a motor bike up in the air. Everyone was looking so small below me and i was at the top, dam good feeling .
    Bhavani Varman 5 years ago
    Our resort in Sohna had perfectly flat grounds and the place we stayed where very beautiful .Experiencing the paragliding in the sky is worth remembering for us.Enjoyed the ride, though its scary but its cool and fun.
    Shantanu Arora 5 years ago
    This paragliding experience that is operated on motored paraglide will let you feel like you are riding a bike over the sky, it felt amazing and those few minutes of experience was the most craziet fun i ever had in my life really.
    Shubha Bharadwaj 5 years ago
    The place is worth visiting, had amazing experience there, even the mud bath and tube well bath in sohna became a memorable time for us. after paragliding we went outdoors and enjoyed the places . there are some amazing restaurants located there's offering some really delicious items.
    Chinmayanand Bhat 5 years ago
    I had this awesome experience with my wife last month i Sohna which itself is an amazing place to visit with awesome views, this aerial fun was simply out of the box feeling for me.
    Anwesha Pilla 5 years ago
    Wao what an amazing time we spent while paragliding, it was my first time ever with my friend and we were shouting when we went up in the sky, it's really amazing when you go up against gravity and while returning back i was feeling like i was in swing.

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