Jet Ski Ride in Kochi Flat 15% off

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5 Minutes

Rs. 700 per adult onwards
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Overview of Jet Ski Ride in Kochi Flat 15% off

About the Activity:

- If riding at high speeds as you glide on the high waves is your dream, then this jet skiing ride at the Kochi waters is your go-to adventure experience.
- Ride for a total of 5 minutes on the Jet Ski and let the beauty of the shoreline pass you by in all its elegance.
- This water sport at high speeds and large waves will make for an experience full of excitement that one can get dizzy with the thrills.

6 AM to 6 PM

Minimum number of people required: 1

How To Reach?

The exact location of the activity will be shared after the completion of the booking and can be accessed easily by public or private transport.

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