Flyboarding Experience in Bali - Flat 15% off

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20 Minutes

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Overview of Flyboarding Experience in Bali - Flat 15% off

Flyboarding is the newest, extreme water sport and a must do in Bali! Trying this truly unique Flying board experience in Bali unlike any is just what you were missing to fill your bucket list! The big hydropower enables you to do various stunts like flying like a superhero and diving like a dolphin. You will get a real kick out of it!  The way it works it very simple, your feet are strapped down into a board, and a long hose connects the fly board to the jet ski, which powers the board and sends the rider soaring. Your instructor is on the jet ski and regulates hydropower. As they can adapt to the user’s level, flyboarding is a great challenge for everyone. You will improve your skills fast, as the instructor will perfectly support you!

About the activity:
-Flyboarding game location in Bali takes place at Tanjung Benoa beach, Bali.
-The total duration of the Flyboarding game is 15 minutes.
-The minimum age of Bali fly board participants is 17 years.
-The maximum age of participants is 65 years.

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