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Adventure Camp in Ramanagara

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Break yourself up with the hassles of your daily life by delving into this adventure cum day out the package in Ramanagara. 

60 KMs from Bangalore, SRS hill is the location where the day out happens; it is an ideal place which acts as a complete retreat and will let your heart filled with exuberance.
Check-in at the camp around 08:30 AM to know what all activities are waiting for you; engross with taking part in trekking, rain dance with music, team building activities or fun games, etc.
Identify the energy in you while you indulge in adventure rope activities such as zipping, rappelling and in water sports activities like kayaking and swimming in the lake with life jackets.
In addition to it, enjoy the time with an enthusiastic team when you engage in some outdoor games such as cricket, volleyball, Table tennis, shuttlecock, target shooting, archery and in indoor games like Carrom, Chess, etc.
Wind up the day out by 06:00 PM with a bag full of good memories.

Day Outing Crescent Package:
Lunch and hi-tea with snacks. All the adventure activities and team building games, outdoor and indoor games are available.

Day Outing Half Circle Package: Breakfast, lunch, and hi-tea with snacks. All the adventure activities and team building games, outdoor and indoor games are available.

Full Circle Package ( Tent stay): Breakfast, lunch, dinner, hi-tea with snacks. All the adventure activities and team building games, outdoor and indoor games are available.

Full Circle Package ( Swiss Tent stay):
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, hi-tea with snacks. All the adventure activities and team building games, outdoor and indoor games are available.

Min number of people required to book:- 1

Details on this Activity


Day 1

  • Check-in at the campsite around 08:30 AM.
  • You can indulge in the following activities post-breakfast :
  • · Trekking with cave exploration
  • · Rain Dance with Music
  • · Team Building Activities or Fun Games.
  • · Rope Activities: Zipping and Rappelling
  • · Lake Activities: Kayaking and swimming with life jackets
  • · Outdoor Games: Cricket, Table tennis, Volley Ball, Shuttle Cock, Archery
  • · Indoor Games: Carrom
  • · Campfire and Music
  • Around 5.30 PM, have hi-tea with snacks and by 6.00 PM, check-out of the camps.
  • The day out gets concluded here.

Activities included

  • Trekking with cave Exploration
  • Adventure rope activities – Zipping
  • Rappelling
  • Team Building and Fun Activities
  • Rain Dance with Music.
  • Lake Activities- Kayaking & Swimming in the lake with Life Jackets
  • Outdoor Games: Table Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Volley Ball
  • Shuttle Cock
  • Archery
  • Indoor Games: Carrom
  • PaintBall at an additional cost
  • Other Inclusions

  • Meals
  • Activities
  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Trekking
  • Reviews on this Activity

    Archit Rao 12 months ago
    "An enjoyable 1 day outing. Good hospitable people. Started the day with trekking, rapelling, ziplining. Had a decent lunch, played paintball(charegable) and then went for kayaking. Overall a very good experience. "
    surbhiharsh265 1 year ago
    It was a Day trip with my two other friends. It was the first experience for all of us where we booked any trip through Thrillophilia and it was a nice first experience. This trip was fully worth the price. I enjoyed a lot with my friends. The place might not be up to to the high standards and all but these people hosted us really well. We enjoyed all the activities and had a really nice time.
    Prena Mohan 2 years ago
    The experience we as a bunch of friends had was amazing. There are activities like rappelling, canoeing which are just best of experience. Loved the food, the only drawback what we had was finding the location, do not trust the map route given, it's best to call them and ask for the route.
    Saurabh Paul 2 years ago
    It was an awesome experience, definitely worth the value of money. Very friendly crew present there guiding at every point. Loved rappeling and kayaking. The best part was trekking up the steep mountain and watching the sunset.
    Devika Sunil 2 years ago
    We had a great time. It was totally value for money. Since we were a group of three, group activities were not there. But we did activities like Rappeling, zip line, kayaking, trekking and archery. Food was totally yummy. Trekking was awesome. Staff is polite and helpful.
    Sharath V 2 years ago
    Very nice place. Although finding the place might be a little hard because Thrillophilia needs to update the map location, (the resort people help you out anyhow), once you find it - it is amazing. The food is great and the activities are fun. Also, the staff are extremely friendly. Already recommended this place to a lot of people.
    Priyanja Singh 2 years ago
    I chose this location for Team Outing of 13 people, we had options of resort as well but we decided to go with nature. The camp is located at an awesome location cloudy weather acted as a cherry on top of it. It was a memorable day. The part I liked most was hosts, lake view and snacks. "
    Abhishek 2 years ago
    I can rate the entire tour by below rating. Food (Breakfast+Lunch+snacks) : 5/5 Activity (Trekking/boating etc) : 5/5 Hospitality(Staff behavour) : 5/5 Security Measure: : 4/5 With security measure, the instructor has given one demo but when we were doing he hasn't guided well due to which couple of participant got bit of injury. It was really a nice experience as it's a complete full entertainment package.
    Arjun Bhat 2 years ago
    We had a wonderful time at Ramanagara Adda. The food was delicious and the activities were well planned and well executed. Pradeep, the manager and all the employees there were very friendly and accommodating. We were a huge group of around 35 people but didn't feel cramped at all as the campsite is very well planned and spacious. Will definitely be going again and highly recommend for those who want to get out of the city and come back rejuvenated.
    Anantha BM 2 years ago
    "Very serene and supposed to be a quite place (only on weekdays). Hospitality was good enough. Liked the activities conducted viz; trekking, rappling, kayaking, zip-line, other outdoor games. Only thing is that the dining area could have been more cleaner."
    Sarla Khatri 3 years ago
    This package met our requirements of a team outing with 25 people in my office. It was a pleasure day outing trip to Ramanagara and all of us have taken our families too. Hence it became a huge group but it was really surprising to see how well they managed the whole team and provided everything we wanted in no time. Arrangements were classy and a small team itself was there to manage the games and organize everything else. Though we conduct team outings every year, this one was particularly amazing. The location seemed pretty and the food served as also actually good. Best package at the best price.
    Suresh Patil 3 years ago
    Day outing at Ramanagara was our annual day celebration part and all of us from our company had to say only one thing about the outing; awesome. Good food, good staff, nice place and a plenty of activities. But we selected team building activity and they have conducted it professionally itself. Our manager and director were also happy about the whole package.
    Gemini Pothuvaal 3 years ago
    A lot of activities at a very cheap rate. I could not believe it firstly. But when I reached there with my friends, I was surprised to see people doing many activities. It was simply amazing to be a part of the large group. We had a great time doing rappelling, zip lining, rain dance, outdoor games etc. good food,Friendly staff and good coordination.
    Vijay Kumar 3 years ago
    Our First outing with new team was planned to a wonderful place near to Ramanagara, which was called Camp Fire Circle. It was not one of those normal resorts where we used to go just to play the usual games and conduct team activities among ourselves, but it was a totally different outdoor activity place for the team to enjoy. We started our journey early in the morning by 7:45 with a wonderful group of 15 people. There was a slight delay in our journey, but somehow we managed to reach Bidadi for a quick breakfast around 9:30 AM at Renuka Hotel to have their famous THATTE IDLI, for which we all were eager to have. After a quick breakfast break of 45 min, we continued to our destination and finally we reached at 11:30 AM. It was a beautiful view with Mountains surrounded and Sloppy Roads and also we saw a wonderful lake from our bus while reaching the Place, It was a nice scenic view and everyone started clicking pictures and selfies while they reached the place. After reaching the place, we had a guide who told us a brief schedule about the activities that are going to be conducted and how we can cover everything in a short span of time. We started our activity with trekking, where we had to climb a small mountain. Then we had reached the caves which had a lot of Bee Hives to be aware of, but somehow managed to go there and relax for some time. After that we saw so many selfi points, where we clicked couple of amazing pictures. After the trekking was done, we had our lunch break that had different varieties of food to have. Then we went For Rappelling, which is a vertical drop or walk from the mountains downwards. At the beginning it looked a bit dangerous to give a try for it, but then everyone managed to do this activity and each one had a very different experience to share after they did this. At the end everyone realized that nothing is impossible. (It was well planned and safe). Late afternoon we then went for Kayaking, this was a water activity which was perfect to go on with the wonderful weather that day. We did not have any particular time for it as we just took the boats with life jackets and got into the water and learnt how to kayak. This activity was quite good and everyone enjoyed it. Around 5pm, we had a quick bite and then we headed towards the rain dance which was our last activity of the day, it went on for about 30 Minutes as everyone were dancing with joy and showed what they are capable of in Dancing. ? So we had to Wind up by 6:30 PM and it was really a wonderful end to the day, we had a really nice experience and it also got each other to know better as a team and individual and Camp fire Circle was a beautiful resort that we had been to and we would love to come again soon. Cheers!!! ???
    Shivaraj Shivaraj 3 years ago
    Wow...!! It was a wonderful Team outing we had ever been. Happiness and joy can be found everywhere when you go and whomever you are with unless you like it. Ramanagar is one of its kind, where a person will realize, Nature is beautiful even with Rocks/Thorns/Ropes and Normal food. Team planned for a team outing on a weekday to avoid spending weekend out from family and personal work, but it was worth it..!! Started at 7 AM from HopeFarm, one end of our Beloved Bangalore City and headed towards another end --> Ramanagar picking all our team mates through the route. With lots of Singing, dancing through the traffic, teasing others who were heading to work reached Venue at 10 30..!! Once got down at teh place we were suggested, everybody was shocked to see nothing except few trees, farm land around and a person to show us the route to main venue. once he lead us to main venue, slowly team started gaining energy again to rock and roll..!! Everybody started planning themselves for rest of the day, as they were not aware of the Agenda. Breakfast was waiting for us, which the team finished in minutes as they were hungry through the journey. Once done, organizer's warm up exercise was an awesome experience for first time of such kind. Team were split into 2, one went for Rapelling while other for Trekking through rocks and caves. They just showed us the beauty which many of us had failed to recognize, which we would have seen around us from may years. It was a small test to their strength and capability and everybody got through it successfully. By the time this was done, hunger raised it's voice and lunch was served which was hot and spicy with local flavour of Ramnagar. After a small break after lunch, many other events were listed, but Team coudn't resist from getting Wet in natural swimming pool (Lake around the hill) which was crystal clear and clean. Many tried caneoing and others swam. Meanwhile others tried Ziplining. Once done, had a rocking Rain Dance with the best song collection they had and ended with high Tea. The Organizers were great at their work and was very quick in understanding our needs. Thrillophillia again proved us to have best Team outing plans and crew members to make a memorable day outings which are nearby and cost worthy.
    Madhusudhan Anand 3 years ago
    It was a team outing, 30 of us from office and a few also got their family and kids! I and few others in my team were looking everywhere and nothing seemed to match our requirements. It had to be fun, well coordinated, there should be team building and games, physical activities, adventurous and it should be a memorable day. Well the budget too was pretty tight. Nothing seemed to tick all the check boxes until I arrived on this resort's page on Thrillophilia. There are a lot of activities that you can do, zorbing, jumaring, rappeling, trekking, zipline, rain-dance, bow and arrow, dart, cricket, hiking and lots of team games.There is fresh air, great ambience, kids would love it, they even gave us a tent, the food was very good, one of the friendliest staff, it was overall incredibly memorable and fun. I recommend this place for short groups, friends and family too!
    Darshan Bharadwaj 3 years ago
    I was looking for some with multiple activities when I saw this package on Thrillophilia. I booked it instantly and was excited about the trip. It was an amazing trip to break away from your daily tiresome work. There are a number of activities to keep you busy for the whole day. We reach there in the morning and enjoyed a refreshing breakfast. The campsite owner was very helpful and was arranging everything for us. We tried different activities like zipping, rappelling, jumaring. We also tried water sports activities like kayaking, coracle ride, raft building. There was a very beautiful lake and we couldn’t stop swimming in the crystal clear waters. We return back in the evening after a wonderful day. It was of the most adventurous outing for all of us.
    Swami Patil 3 years ago
    Best for the ones who are looking for a day off away from the city life. I have heard about Ramanagara before and was very much interested in visiting there at least once. So, I and some of my friends decided to take a day off from office for some relief and so booked this adventure trip. The campsite was wonderful and the owner was very friendly. We had the whole day to ourselves so decided to start with the indoor activities like carom and chess. We went on trekking and then tried volley ball, badminton etc. To be true it was one of the best adventures we had. We enjoyed a delicious meal with a variety of dishes. I am glad we went out for this outing.
    Sharmila Ahuja 3 years ago
    It was a great day with all the adventurous activities. We had an amazing host who made everything available for us. He was very friendly and told us about the detail about the surrounding and what are the activities which we can try. I wanted to start with a swim in the lake nearby, the surrounding was very peaceful which made it all more comforting for us. It was a good place to keep all of us busy with some activity or the other.
    Bhudev Reddy 3 years ago
    We decided to book this trip for team outing and it became one of the best team outings so far. The booking was hassle free and everything went on smooth. It was a great adventure for all of us. For team outing, it was the best as we had a lot of exciting activities. We started with fun games like rappelling and zipping. We had the most amazing time there.

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