Review of Manali by Sinorita Naskar

Sinorita Naskar 2 years ago
I had visited Rohtang Pass when I went for a trip to Himachal Pradesh with my family. It was a two hour drive from Manali. One can actually feel the dip in the temperature as one ascends high up the altitude. It was very windy at one particular level making it super chilly, but as we moved upwards, it was less windy and the weather became more bearable. This was the only place which was snow covered among all the places in HP that we visited, and so was my favourite! We spent a few hours here enjoying in the snow. We carried our breakfast as high up only tea and Maggi stalls are available. It is not necessary to rent garments and snow boots as we easily managed in our own woollens.

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sinsa m 2 years ago
In which month ..?