Haunted Places In Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand- The place which Magically Mesmerizes Man. The place is a summit of colour, beauty and high peaks. A cluster of holy cities with every home blessed with a postcard perfect view is Uttarakhand's forte. It's a traveller's medicine, this place. The cities like, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Nainital, and possibly every corner of the state are stuffed with travellers every season. From food to gifts the place is a fair investment of your time and money. It might be a cold Himalayan state, but Uttarakhand is pure heartwarming.

The state is often known as the 'Land of Gods' which means deep down there is a Satan too. Traveller's often reported certain anomalies after visiting some special spots. The natives are familiar with these places and support the uncanny experiences as these things have happened before. The stories behind these places will petrify you and make you a believer of supernatural. To unlock these mysteries, you need to know what happened first, for that scroll down.

Lambi Dehra Mines

Situated on the outskirts of Mussoorie, Lambi Dehra Mines is an isolated land with no living inhabitance. Mussoorie is associated with serene lands, mighty mountains and tons of things to explore, but every coin has a darker side.

The natives call it a horror pit as the stories associated are extremely intimidating. The ones visited with belief and courage ended up terrorized. But the question is what force is exploding out in those mines, what happened here?

It all started in the 1990s when the workers began falling ill. Every worker was in a miserable state as the mining was done for lime and there were no precautions taken for the worker's health causing scourge. A slight miscalculation risked the lives of 50,000 workers. There was nothing the poor souls could do. They tried to pick their axes but coughed blood. They managed to dig up the tunnel but failed to inhale the air as their lungs were choked by lime. None of them survived!

The mine was shut down, but its effects lasted long. A village of about 1500 people abandoned their homes and left. There is nothing now, the villagers are gone and heavy lifeless trees have rented their homes.

But this doesn't end just like that. The worker's souls are still there, they want everyone to know what happened and of course in a creepy way. The locals have a gut full of negativity and cautious advice for every traveller wandering about the spot. But some hotheads always ignore those warnings; to them, spirits show their rage and monstrosity by marking their existence when someone visits.

Some people even say it's the work of some sinister witch spreading a destructive aura all around the place.

The voices of screaming, cars and trucks mysteriously off tracked and even a helicopter crashed with no reason are titled as the witch's doing. The bad energy oozing out has earned the place its spot amongst the most haunted places in India.
Haunted Places In Uttarakhand

Mullingar Mansion

Everyone remembers the British colonial period of wine and roses. It was that time when the world acknowledged the power and beauty of the Indian lands. But that was ages ago, British troops left and we had our country. But did they really left?

Mullingar Mansion was the first home built in 1825, by an Irishman named Captain Young. The place was his home for a while till the British surrendered and left. No one knows what happened to the first Captain of the first Gorkha Battalion, Captain Young. 

What once was bricked with love today is lifeless and pale. The local communities say the place is the author of certain mysterious mischiefs, things which cannot be explained. According to the local lore, the phantom of Captain Young still haunts the premises; locals have even bumped into his ghost riding late nights. 

Some people say it is nothing but illusions and the Captain left with the other British people in peace, but the ones who disagree are absolute of their encounters.
Haunted Places In Uttarakhand


Pari Tibba

Pari Tibba or the Hill of fairies is a hill covered with dense woods situated in the south of Mussoorie. The place earned its fame by the frequent mentioning in the Ruskin Bond legends. His fans are familiar with the place, whether they have been there or not.

The place is not just known for the Tales of Ruskin Bond but also for the uncanny supernatural activities budding across its land and air and that's not just a rumor. The place is literally doomed with lighting strikes; some say it's a natural phenomenon but some claims the reason to be a charm magnetizing the thunder sparks to these woods.

Half burnt trees with different shades of black and grey painted on the branches and visible all the time. Natives say two lovers were once killed by the same lighting and were burned alive; the bodies were recovered after some days of the accident. Now their spirits roam together to finish the book of their eternal love. Well, it would be a fool's work to add your name to the pages; at least that's what the old locals say.

To those who dare to go when the moon is high, the place shows them the boogie man from their worst distressing nightmare. Just one difference, it will be his home now; he will not hide under your bed.

Haunted Places In Uttarakhand


Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie was the classiest hotel ever built in the year 1902. The visitors were elite people like Raja-Maharajas, politicians, writers etc. Even the first Prime Minister of India Late Jawaharlal Nehru, was fond of the place.

Amongst these visitors was Madam Frances Garnett-Orme accompanied by her friend Miss Mountstephen. The 49 years old British spiritualist entered the hotel in 1911. After her fiancĂ©'s death, the woman was obsessed to communicate whit his spirit. One day Miss Mountstephen went to Lucknow. After she returned, they found Madam Orme dead mysteriously, with the room locked from inside. Later on, it was discovered that she was poisoned. Miss Mountstephen was convicted but was later released.

From that day onwards, dreadful activities took command of the hotel, eerie voices, uncanny chills, late night illusions, and whispers in air, even banging of the hotel room doors are a routine affair now.  

Neighbors say the ghost of Madam Orme still floats at night and checks every room to find her killer.

If you ever visit and encounter a woman dressed in an old English outfit don't go behind her! If you did she might mistake you for her long lost lover and something unearthly might happen!

The story was acknowledged by celebrated author Agatha Christie and inspired her to write her first novel ?The Mysterious Affair at Styles?.

Haunted Places In Uttarakhand


Haunted House, Lohaghat

Lohaghat is located in the Champawat district of Uttarakhand and has a weird aura and upsetting air merged like dust with the wind.
Another British built white colored house, guarded by trees all around it. The place used to be a home of a happy couple, who lived a long cheerful life here. It was them who donated the place to construct a hospital and earn some positive karma.

For a good time, the hospital served the ill. The facility was crowded all the time, not because it was a charity case but due to the availability of professional doctors, updated services and clean atmosphere. One day a new doctor arrived claiming to predict the patient's future. That was good for a while, but the problem was, he only predicted one's death. Each time a new patient was enrolled, the doctor would visit, and by just giving a quick look the wanna-be God gave the exact date of the patient's death! Then a few days before the predicted date the patient was taken to a special ward called Mukti Kothri (room of freedom).

Locals believe that the doctor had no power; he murdered every patient in his special ward. They think it's all his doing and now the spirits from the Mukti Kothri are returning to get payback for the hideous deeds done to them.   

Haunted Places In Uttarakhand
Hundreds of people visit Uttarakhand today; almost every person is delighted with their time. Maybe because most of them didn't know about the horror residing in the same place they call God? Land.  So, it's up to you now, to spend your time in peace or to knock the ghost's door and dealt your fears.

P.P.S.- The article is sourced from researched information, the author and and not trying to create rumors or insult any person or place.

This post was published by Rishabh Thakur