The Stories Behind These Haunted Places In Nagpur Will Give You Chills!


Known as the City of Oranges and the focal point of the country, Nagpur is a natural wonder ready to be explored. Cultural richness, unique sports, and genuine people make Nagpur a Postcard perfect place. But with a beauty of travelling comes a lust to experience something thrilling, what’s better than shaking hands with a Ghostly figure! Yes, the place has all kind of rumours which you could bluntly confirm with any Nagpurian. You will be shocked, by his stories. These places are so scary that just after listing the tales your heart beat will raise, your legs quiver and hands will start twitching. Let me show you a glimpse of what big things Nagpur has planned for you.

1. Amravati Highway

It’s hard to drive in the dark; some people often get sleepy and see strange things. This happens to 1 in every ten cars, here on this Amravati highway. However, the statistics change its obvious order. People passing late-night have a tendency to see a shaded figure walking alongside the road. Some just ignore it, and some give a deep thinking, about what was it with a little spark walking roadside in such dark? Some say it was just fog and some mock it as a drunk man. But what is it? Certain people who stepped out of their cars to check have reported a chilly wind experience with absolutely no soul there! Believe me; those people were brave and sober, who ran to their cars and drove their way home. The highway is now considered as a paranormal place. Now if someone sights something, they don’t stop, nor they talk about it, they just drive.

 2. Parsi Graveyard

Ask anyone in Nagpur, and you will hear the same thing, Parsi Graveyard is the home to the devil. The people looking for some supernatural experience have tried visiting it and haven’t got up for a week or two. Almost every visitor reports an eerie sound followed by a manifestation of what is believed to be a human-like spirit. Now those people just have stories. For some, a warning is enough, but others will go and test their will, but is it enough?

People came for some thrill, something fun, but what they have are the creepy sounds clear in their heads which may join them to their graves.

 3. Dev Nagar

What was a burning ground for the dead about 20-25 years ago, today is a fancy building? People live here in harmony, but there is a loophole to the other side here. It’s just not people living here but the burned dead too! The spirits mess with the living by randomly appearing or sometimes making a physical contact. The stories by everyone is different may be because of the excessive number of dead, found there. These are not just one man’s imagination, but their entire families have witnessed the bizarre things. It is shocking that while the place was under construction, an employee was found dead with no particular reason. His heart just stopped. The families living here challenge the people who mock them to stay just once and see for their selves.

 4. Ramtek

Black magic is something often used in horror movies, but is it real? Clear all your doubts by visiting this tree in Ramtek, Nagpur. The place is a hub for “Vashikaran”, “Jadu Tona”, “Tantra Mantra” and all other forms of black magic. Evil spirits come freely around the place, and during night, they are powerful enough to get hold of the person’s body, who pass under the tree. The place is dangerous and is not something to be taken lightly according to the native people of Nagpur.

5. Wardah Rail Track

Rail tracks are often romantic and pleasant, but this particular track was nothing like that for a young girl, who was raped at night with no soul to help her. From that day the girl’s spirit has homed herself there. The screams of that helpless girl still haunt the place and have not rested since then!

Visitors get Goosebumps as the sound of her screaming vibrates their ears, they just can’t stop listening to it, and even shutting their ears will do no good. Eventually, you will run to the nearest person for help, just don’t stop for a girl crying or you will further add your screams to the place as well.

 6. Bander Forest

Even the dead people were civilised once, but what about animals? They do have spirits, they die, what happens then? Bander forest is known to its local’s as the resting place for bloodthirsty animal spirits. People who visited the area have stated a serious caution, to not go near it! Also, we are talking about the woods which mean wild animals, not dead the real ones too, which makes the place uncanny and life threatening as well.

7. Dayan Ka Ghar

The house near Amravati road has the word spook in its air. It was believed that a lady used to live here, but after some time a suspicious trail of missing children draw the neighbour’s attention to her house. Turns out she was obsessed with sacrificial magic and murdered all those children in her rituals to achieve something mysterious. The notorious spirit still lives in the house, just a door knock away. But what makes me curious is that, if she could do such horrifying things alive, what could she do with the spiritual powers of a ghost!

8. AH 43

Another empty road, with a fine haunting story. People crossing have witnessed a beautiful woman in a white dress conjured up in the middle of the road with a candle in her hand. As the car approaches and the driver hit the breaks, the girl vanishes like she was never there! The legendary story of the ghost of a woman with a burning candle might just have its origin.

9. Shukrawar Talav

The lake is a perfect spot for the people with suicidal tendencies. Every year about hundred people commit suicide here; residents quote that there is something magnetic about the lake that forces people to die here. This could be the wok of some black magic or some greater evil. What excites the curiosity is the number of people who die here! What thing can make a 100 people die; surely it could not be recession or depression of any sorts. Certainly, a supernatural explanation is theoretically possible here!

10. Wadi House

The place practically gets inside your mind! A minor girl was raped in this house; she couldn’t handle the shock and died, a few months after. The thing she bore itself authors a depressing imagination and with a supernatural stamp on it, the place is truly scary! Your heartbeat will rise, and your skin on your belly will feel strange sensations when you will see the girl sitting on the road crying. Your gut will tell you to run, but the humanity inside will not allow, you will go and ask, but nothing will help when she will reveal her true self and leave a mark on your soul forever!


So, many stories just piling up, Nagpur might just author a horror novel! So, are there any ghosts, or is it just a bad joke? If yes, then we must leave them alone and if no, well that is something you must convince yourself when you freak out by the door smash tonight!

P.P.S.- The article is sourced from researched information, the author and and not trying to create rumours or insult any person or place.


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