8 Most Haunted Places in Jaipur

Jaipur is considered to be a beautiful tourist destination. Endowed with architectural heritage, the city has a rich history. Every year people come in large numbers to see the historical magnificence and listen to the stories of war, kings and queens, murders, betrayals, bloodshed and political turmoils. As home to stories of civilizations as old as 5000 years ago, the place also has a spine-chilling yet intriguing side to it. 

Tales that give you goosebumps are not only scary but also fascinating. If you have an inclination towards such frightening narratives and have the guts to listen and visit them, then this post is exactly for you.

Here are 8 most haunted places in Jaipur for all the Bravehearts out there:

1. The Nahargarh Fort

Haunted Places in Jaipur, The Nahargarh Fort

Located on the edge of Aravalli Hills, Nahargarh Fort offers a lovely view of the city of Jaipur. The Fort was originally called Sudarshangarh. However, as the excavation started for the construction of the Fort, the spirit of Nahar Singh Bhomia was disturbed and hurt. As a result, it started haunting the site. Although the king who was building this palace for his wives, changed the name to 'Nahargarh', the spirit never got any rest till this day. Some tales also suggest that a modern-day engineer who was responsible for a renovation assignment of the Fort was found dead under mysterious circumstances. People believe that the spirit was not pleased with the upcoming renovation work, hence, he eliminated the person responsible for it. While The Nahargarh Fort offers a mesmerizing panoramic view of the Pink city, the ghostly story surely motivates us to visit the majestic palace.

2. Jagatpura

Jagatpura, Haunted Places in Jaipur

In the peaceful residential area of Jagatpura reigns a real-life horror story which makes this quaint town one of the most haunted places in Jaipur. It is believed that the companion of the natives is witches who refuse to leave the place. The eerie tale goes back to the time when a greedy king ruled the place. Being deprived of food, several villagers died of starvation, cursing the king for his evil deeds. A woman, dressed in white, resembling the appearance of a witch in an Indian classic horror saga, is often seen in the streets of Jagatpura. With hair loose, covering the witch's face, going for a stroll on the streets of Jagatpura at night sure needs some courage.

3. Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal, Haunted Places in Jaipur

The Jal Mahal palace gets its name from the fact that it is partially submerged in the Man Sagar Lake. The 300-year old mansion is said to be a holiday retreat for the kings of that era, Till this day no one could particularly understand the real reason of the palace being built in a water body. The astonishing part is that four storeys of the place are constructed below the lake while the top floor which is the fifth one is an epitome of beauty. The diligently carved balconies and terrace are an architectural marvel. Locals say that the building was abandoned when the stinking water started seeping through the sandstone walls. The Jal Mahal Palace has its fair share of eerie episodes as a result of which no one likes to go near the palace after the sunset. People often hear screams from inside the palace.

4. Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort, Haunted Places in Jaipur

Popular as one of the most haunted places in Asia, Bhangarh Fort has given reasons to the world to stay away from the place. As a result of mysterious instances, the Archaeological Survey of India has put a warning that does not permit people to enter the fort before sunrise and after sunset. Renowned paranormal researchers have spent significant time with specialized pieces of equipment and even found negative energies at the Fort. It is said that spirits take over the Fort at night. There have been strange episodes where people have heard sounds of clinking of bangles, women wailing, someone singing, shadows floating at the Fort. In the olden days, a magician fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh. During a chance incident, he happens to see the princess in the market area. He gifted her a magical love potion in a hope to cast a spell on her so that she falls in love with him. The clever princess, however, saw through his wretchedness. As a result, the magician has rewarded a death sentence. Before his death, he cursed the Bhangarh Fort that no one will ever be able to stay there. In a very short duration, during a battle, the Fort was destroyed and since then it has been haunted.

5. Brijraj Bhavan

Haunted Places in Jaipur, brijraj bhawan

Not far away from Jaipur, Brijraj Bhawan has another ghost story to offer. The building served as the palace of the royal family of Kota. Although Brijraj Bhawan is now a Heritage Hotel, visitors who have stayed, have had their fair share of spooky stories to share. Before the royal family, the mansion belonged to Major Charles Burton who was brutally murdered along with his family by Indian Sepoys during the rebellion of 1857. According to the security personnel at the renovated building, they often hear a man ordering them in English - not to sleep or smoke when on duty. An old man walking with a cane is seen often but he does not harm anyone except scold the guards for having a laidback attitude at work. Some of the guards have also claimed to have been slapped by Major Burton. Being slapped by anything non-human does not sound very pleasant, for sure. It indeed is an interesting accommodation option to consider when visiting Kota.

6. Delhi-Jaipur Road

Haunted Places in Jaipur, delhi Jaipur road

Commonly referred to as a blood-thirsty road, Delhi Jaipur Highway has a record of several terrifying stories and hence, earning a spot in the list of most haunted places in Jaipur. People passing by the highway have witnessed paranormal activities in the area. A woman draped in red-saree wearing jewellery is often seen at a distance, however, undoubtedly, it vanishes leaving people astonished. The villagers share the tale of a time when the practice of child marriage was prevalent in the country. A 5-days old girl child in the nearby village was supposed to marry a 3-year old boy. The mother of the girl child was very unhappy and was adamant to save her child. In a hope to get some help, she ran towards the highway with her child but unfortunately, a speeding vehicle hit her, killing her and the baby at the spot.

7. Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara Village, Haunted Places in Jaipur

Once a prosperous village, it is now an abandoned desert. The remains of the village stand in an eerie silence. 200 years ago, it is said that a wretched minister was adamant on marrying a beautiful girl in the village. He also threatened to harm the family and kidnap the girl if they do not agree. The villagers cast a bad spell on the village that it will never be inhabited and left for good. Paranormal scientists have visited the village and have claimed to have recorded the chilling voice of the villagers. There were also some unexplained scratch marks on the car while they could also see footprints of kids in the mud Visitors have sensed a sudden a weird level of discomfort when they went to Kuldhara. Won't you like to visit the intriguing site?

8. Rana Kumbha Palace

Haunted Places in Jaipur, Rana Kumbha Palace

Now this place is another spooky chapter, considered as one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan. Famous for its deadly secret chambers and dark passages. the chilling screams of females. Back in those days, it is said that when the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji ambushed the palace of Chhitorgarh, Maharani Padmini performed the Jauhar (self-immolation) along with 700 female followers. Known as Jauhar, the act of self-immolation, the women would do anything to protect their honour in times of distress. Since then, people have seen unexplainable incidents in the vicinity of the palace and have even heard the cries of women urging them to save their empire from getting destroyed. A few years back, a group of friends who stayed at the palace for a night to observe any paranormal activities happened to hear a woman cry for help as they were walking in the palace. As one of the friends turned behind, he saw a lady dressed as a queen would do in that era with half of her face burnt, only to disappear in a few seconds. Scared much?  

While the howling winds might give you chills, these spooky stories are the real shockers and are a promising adventure if you are on a lookout. Now that you have a compiled list of the most haunted places in Jaipur, you can plan on visiting each one of them. These ghost tales are something that is passed on from generations. Whether they are true entirely or merely have a few elements of truth, we can't say. However, one thing is for sure that they all are all historical gems and certainly deserve a tour even if you do not believe in evil spirits, witches and such. Perhaps visiting these places might give you a better insight into these narrations and you can also share those experiences with friends and family.

This post was published by Deepshri Mishra