The Golden Triangle of India


A holiday to the Golden Triangle is always exciting. We went to Delhi, Jaipur and Agra last March. The Delhi part of it was expected, it's after all one of the greenest capitals of one the fastest developing countries in the world. What was not expected was the Jaipur and Agra part of our holiday. 

The pink 3 storey buidings by the side of the road contain choti choti dukaans, selling all sorts of odds & ends, from pearl jewellery to hand worked dolls, a shoppers paradise.

The pink 3 storey buidings by the side of the road contain choti choti dukaans, selling all sorts of odds & ends, from pearl jewellery to hand worked dolls, a shoppers paradise.

Jaipur is truly a pink city. When we asked the locals, they say that now, special effort is taken to maintain that sand stone color. They included, as an after thought, that if the city loses it's pink touch, tourists will stop coming. Cycle rickshaws are abundant. I have a thing for cycle rickshaws. As a small girl, I was fascinated by them, how someone else had to take the effort to pedal, in the hot sun, and how we used to sit back and relax, under the shade.

Jaipur has many attractions, from the Hawa Mahal to Jal Mahal. It is indeed a place of strong historical beauty. There are a few must sees. But I am not going to write about those, that can be got off any travel agent.

Something that touched me while in Jaipur / Agra was the simplicity of the people. A parent would tell their child no to something, and the kid would continue to hold their parents? hands and walk. No sulking or tantrums. It felt so pure. You would see a family conversing, the whole family, at hotels, and you wouldn't find the kids playing on the mobile phones. It was strange. I remember silently smiling at my mom and keeping my cell phone aside. 

Boys in blue, waiting outside their fathers store, trying to sell artefacts. A man patiently waits for his ride. Ladies take a break witheir camels. An old man plays his musical instrument, some sannatta he must be having. Asmall girl, as shy as ever, smiles timidly in Choki Dhani. 2 small children wait for their school bus. Another cycle rickshaw-ist sits peacefully in his own world. 2 cyclists cycle leisurely to their destination in the scorching heat. In the middle : An old man show casing his articles and photographs of his younger days.

There was truth in their eyes for some reason. They had time, nobody had a meeting to rush to nor did they have a train to catch. Their clock ticked more slowly than ours. They seemed more at ease and calm than I did. I felt like they wanted to reach out to me with their eyes telling me to smile more often, and slow down. 

I remember him so clearly, he was a happy proud man. He knew we were window shoppers, yet he took out time to tell us about his past. If the same incident had to happen in Delhi, the man would scan us, sense we are window shoppers, and immediately shoo us away.

Agra is quite a dirty city I must say. I was shocked because it houses one of the 7 wonders of the world, and I expected so much more. But setting foot on the cold marble was worth everything. It was beautiful. Huge, pristine, bold, perfect, accurate, it was gorgeous. I felt so proud of being an Indian. I had not in my entire life seen something that I have heard so much about and upon finally seeing it, thought it was not overrated. This reminded me of those golden years of our past ? The Mughal Rule.

The Taj Mahal, from a different angle!

The Taj Mahal, from a different angle!






Jaipur and Agra are places every Indian ought to go to. Both the places are well connected by Rail and Road from Delhi, which in is turn well connected to the rest of the world. One doesn't need to stay at Agra. But one definitely needs to spend at least one night at Jaipur for it's beauty can't be seen in a day.There are several economical as well as lavish options of stay there. So if you ever plan a weekend get away, from Delhi at least, do check out Jaipur, and remember me !

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