13 Overwater Bungalows In Cancun

Staying at overwater bunglows in Cancun is altogether a grand experience! Book your stay from the following.

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Here is the list of 13 Overwater Bungalows In Cancun

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Best time for a staycation in Cancun?

The tropical climate of Caribbean makes the average temperature of Cancun warm throughout the year ranging from 28 to 33 degree Celsius. However, being a top tourist destination, the islands attract visitors throughout the year. The peak season is winters and early spring from December to April with mild temperatures ideal for relaxing and engrossing yourself with all the fun and festivity that Cancun offers at its lively beaches. Most people avoid travelling between late March and early April when the island is filled with Spring breakers rushing in from different parts of the country. During the peak season, the rates are high but booking in advance up to two months can save you a lot. The months from May to August are generally hot and humid, but if you are looking forward to avoiding the crowd and saving some money, then this is your window. Cancun is prone to hurricanes and the months from September to November might upset your trip with storms and rain, so make sure you check the weather forecast. 
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